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Heat Exchangers

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Heat exchangers are highly valued investments in the world of HVAC for both heating and cooling systems because they help transform undesired temperatures into a climate that better suits your preference.

Heat exchangers vary in form, but are typically found in a wide variety of environments that use space heating systems, air conditioning units, refrigeration systems, natural gas heating & cooling systems, and other climate controlled environments.

Although Valley Heating & Cooling generally only provides residential HVAC services, many efficient heat exchanging technologies can be used to serve unique residential heating and air system purposes and come in numerous types.

The lists of different types of heat exchangers varies from accordance of one subject matter expert to another, but typically are as follows:

-Shell and tube
-Double pipe
-Plate and shell
-Thermal wheel
-Plate fin
-Pillow plate

Each type of heat exchanger utilizes at least one of three flow methods to effectively transfer heat between fluids and heating surface areas. These flows are known as: Cross flow, Counter flow, and Parallel flow systems. Each flow type takes full material advantage of heating mechanisms for optimal heat exchange through different heat flow arrangements.

No matter what type of HVAC system you have, Valley Heating & Cooling provides complete heat exchanger repair, as well has routine heat exchanger maintenance and service. Whether you use electric heating or natural gas heating systems, Valley installs new heat exchange systems and replaces old heat exchange units.

We provide 24/7 Emergency HVAC heat exchange service and repair to Cullman, Decatur, Athens, Madison, and surrounding Northern Alabama areas, so no matter when you call or where you call from, Valley will be there to support your heating unit.

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